Clifton Aero has been servicing the General Aviation Community since 1983 and is
located in the heart of Texas in beautiful Bosque County Clifton, Texas on Clifton
Airport’s Isenhower Field.  (7F7)

Through the years we have had the honor of maintaining personal aircraft for the
Former Legendary Coach of the Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry, former President and
CEO of American Airlines (AMR)Gerard Arpey, Former Astronaut Frank Borman, pilots
that have flown around the world, major airline pilots and many, many long time
customers that have all become some of our closest friends.

Tim and Jeanni Talley Owners, have shared their passion for aviation and love of
flying by developing a “one of a kind” mom and pop shop which began as a mere
vision in 1983. You might say aviation has been in the family genes since the 1940’s.

Our current licensed conscientious staff have been with us for 15+ years.

We take pride in customer safety and customer satisfaction with special attention to
We truly go above and beyond for you because we really do care.

The friendship of those we serve is truly the foundation of our progress.

2013 - Celebrating 30 Years of Service.
The Clifton Aero hangar is under going renovations.
Fly In coming in August!
Free food, flying, fun & fellowship.
More information to be posted soon.

Courtesy car available.  Restaurants, Hotel, Museum and Shopping located
in the City of Clifton.  (A 5 minute drive from Clifton Municipal Airport)

  In Memory of Tom Landry

                                    Tom Landry, Kelli and Tim Talley

To contact us:


Fax: (254)675-4482


Clifton Aero
Above and Beyond Since 1983